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If you are a performer or creative who wishes to enter our database for future consideration, please complete the form(s) linked below.


All questions related to community & identity are optional to answer. Please note this information is not being gathered to gatekeep opportunities but rather identify where Evolution Casting can do better with their engagement of artists from different intersections and communities and connect you with appropriate opportunities. If you feel there is any important information missing from this form, please be sure to contact us. 

Depending on how much you are willing to share, the form may take 15 - 30 minutes to complete. If the form is inaccessible for you, please email us at asking for a new format (pdf. or doc. available) or simply email your headshot, CV and relevant links to showreels to be manually added.


This form is different to the specific job forms created for each project. If you have completed this form before, there is no need to complete it again. Each performer and creative should be sent an edit link upon completion.

Be sure to save this link and update any necessary information.

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